Sunday, October 28, 2007

a while back i posted this video of a conversation with sam, chris, ashley, bardhi, suzie and my self at Amanda Knight's gravestone. i just found the transcription and wanted to share it. completely hilarious.

chris: the moment's gone, sorry... does that just bother me? or would it bother anyone else?
ash: if you didn't specify which typeface you'd want?
suzie: yeah
chris: yeah, if you're head stone was like in...
suzie: papyrus
chris: times new roman.
ash: i bet you could specify it in your will... i would like my gravestone to be in whatever whatever...
sam: i would design it before hand, chris
chris: i think i'm going to do that. because—
ash: you better get started
chris: honestly, how many typefaces do you think the beasley monument... whatever they're called... or how much of the average...
bardhi: how do you print the typefaces on the gravestone?
sam: they have a ______ machine that etches it. ... cole are you taping all this?
cole: haha, yeah
sam: for our posterity.
ash: for the blog.
cole: i think this is the funniest conversation.
bardhi: ?
sam: cole, you need to show this some time to prove that we actually had a conversation about what typeface to have on our gravestone. this is how far the program has plunged us into the depths of nerdiness.
bardhi: ... i hate it.
sam: ... talk about that. while most people are talking about chicks, cars...
chris: there's certain, like, important moments in my life that i really don't care anymore how they happen or when they happen, just as long as i can control the typography... like my wedding invitation. that's all i care about.
sam: my dad—
chris: that's all i want to be in charge of at my funeral i just want to be able to pick the typeface for the headstone and the program.
bardhi: you're so stupid.
ash: haha! bardhi!
sam: my dad gave me a hard time today because he's like you're so critical all the time. i'm not saying that i'm always critical because.. you can't look at somebody's wedding announcement without tearing it apart...
suzie: oh my gosh, yeah... normal people don't do that.
sam: no they don't.
chris: i think the key is that you don't point them...
sam: well you do it too
suzie: now i do it.. now i do it and i hate it. i hate that i do it.
ash: i don't think it's bad
sam: i don't think it's so much tearing it apart as it's humorous.
suzie: but if that's the only thing that we say.. if that's the only thing we say about a wedding invitation is: oh gosh, as soon as we open them.
ash: other people... ?
suzie: gosh
chris: if this is what... if this the result of those two people coming together, it shouldn't happen. there is obviously something wrong with the match. people with such bad aesthetics should not procreate.


Amanda Knight said...

Wow I think we are all starting to become the same person.

I had a very similar conversation with my family recently. We were at a cemetery and saw some crazy cool pioneer era tombstones with a different 19th-century, woodtype-esque, font hand carved on each line.

I told my family that I wanted a gravestone like that, but I'm not sure if I can trust them with typeface selection. So if I die tomorrow, I'll need you all to make sure the typography is up to snuff.

Designing my own wedding invitations is really my strongest motivation to get married at the moment. That and a mechanical Rube Goldberg machine wedding cake; with moving parts, pulleys, gears, etc.


Sam Gray said...

Thank you, Cole. Thank you.

amanda said...

Hi Cole and everyone, I watched this video and it was very funny. I don't know if it would have happened though if Chris wasn't chewing gum at that moment. Ask him about my gum theory.